Eaten by the Fishies (?)

Eaten by the Fishies (?)

The recent explosion in tax rates in Rockland, due entirely to an electrical power issue--(mishandled), is a stark and potent reminder that making a mistake with your electric provider can destroy your county. Rockland now finds itself in the weird position of paying Mirant cash bonuses, as Mirant shuts down its Lovett plant because its warm water output machinery isn't "the best technology available".

From here on out, it will only get weirder. Because the dumb and unproductive river fish have well-connected celebrity lawyers suing to get their water cooled for them, every single smart, productive human homeowner in Rockland is going to pay an extra $7500 bucks, for the fishie's room-service this year, and every other year, for eternity. I hope those fishes remember to tip well, their human slaves are gonna need that extra cash, to tide them over. So, while you are putting your house up for sale, (and your lights are flickering because Lovett is shut down), and while you are ponying up that cash to Mirant (whoever the hell THEY are), you can look with satisfaction towards the river, knowing that the invasive non-native bass, and the invasive non-native zebra mussels are nice and cool.

So what's my point?
Just this.
Along this stretch of river, the westsiders are ALREADY screwed by official distraction and incompetency.Let's hope the same elected-official-mental-disease isn't contagious on the east side, in Westchester.You see, with Lovett, and Indian Point BOTH out of the picture, the stage would be set for that $7500 rise to turn into a nice fat $15,000 rise, and there goes your kids' college,.... your next vacation, ...and that retirement home in Carolina.

Gone,.... eaten by the fishies.